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Traffic Ticket Information

Appearance in Court

  If you have received a traffic ticket and you want to pay the ticket you may be able to pay the ticket without appearing in person at court. This is called a Waiver. Most tickets can be waived. However there are some tickets that cannot be waived. You must appear in court for the following tickets:

1.                     If this is at least your 3rd ticket in a one year period.

2.                     If you are charged with an offense that has a possible penalty of jail.

3.                    If you are charged with an offense that has a possible suspension of your driving privileges you cannot pay a waiver unless the following applies: You are charged with Possession of Marijuana, a minor misdemeanor and you consent to a 180 day license suspension by filing with the court Form 1-07 called Acknowledgment of Drug Suspension. You can Petition the Court for driving privileges under the suspension by filing Form 4-08 and paying a fee of $50.00. Limited Driving Privileges are subject to random drug testing at Defendant's cost. Positive tests shall result in a revocation of privileges.

4.                     If the officer has written Mandatory Court Appearance on your ticket.


If you are required to appear for court and fail to do so then your driverís license may be suspended or a warrant may be issued for your arrest depending on the type of charges filed.


Procedure for Waiving a ticket

If you can waive the ticket you have the following options to pay your ticket:


1.  You can mail the ticket with the fine and costs to the following address:

     Oberlin Municipal Court
     85 S. Main Street 
     P.O. Box 179
     Oberlin, Ohio 44074



2.  You can appear in person at the Court.


 Note: e-filing is not presently an option in this Court.


Not Guilty Plea

If you wish to plead not guilty you either must appear in court or you may send a written not guilty plea to the court using Form 1-05 available here.



Informational Presentations

Points for Traffic Offenses





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