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Welcome to the Oberlin Municipal Court website!

The Oberlin Municipal Court has jurisdiction in the following territories in Lorain County in the State of Ohio: City of Amherst, City of Oberlin, Village of Wellington, Village of South Amherst, Village of Kipton, Village of Rochester and the Townships of Amherst, Brighton, Camden, Henrietta , Huntington, New Russia, Penfield, Pittsfield, Rochester and Wellington.

This website contains information about the daily operations of the court and general information about the office of the Clerk of Court, the office of the Judge, and the Community Control Department.

View the Oberlin Municipal Building
that houses the Oberlin Municipal
Court located at
  85 S. Main St.
  Oberlin, Ohio 44074
  Phone Number 440-775-1751
  Fax Number 440-775-0619

The website also provides other information for those involved in a court proceeding as a party, a witness, a juror or attorney.


Informational Presentations
     Filing an Eviction Action
     Judicial Independence
     License Suspension for a Drug Offense
     Misdemeanor Sanctions: Making a Difference
     Points for Traffic Offenses
     Roles in the Justice System and Consequences of Underage Drinking
     Statistical Analysis of Cases Filed 2001-2013
     Wage Garnishment


Thank you for visiting our website. We hope the information provided is helpful and informative.


Sandra L. Kohart, Clerk of Court




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